How To Keep Your Dog Safe And Comfortable During Halloween

How To Keep Your Dog Safe And Comfortable During Halloween

Some dogs don’t like Halloween due to the extra chaos, loud noise and commotion associated with the day. All the festivities we seem to enjoy on that day can make them anxious, stressed and scared. Because of this, it’s important that you plan ahead to ensure that your pet is as safe and comfortable as possible during Halloween. Here are some tips to get you started:

Costume Safety Tips

We all agree that dressing up our dogs for Halloween is so much fun. However, you need to bear in mind the following safety precautions to ensure they’re comfortable:

Avoid Masked Costumes

You’re free to dress your pet in a Halloween costume with a mask if you’re taking a quick photo, but be sure to remove it as soon as you’re done. That’s because masks can limit your dog’s ability to do a lot of things including seeing, breathing or hearing.

Make Sure The Costume Fits Properly

Ensure the costume you choose for your dog is of the right size so that he’s as comfortable as possible. Too loose or too tight clothing can cause possible choking hazards. Also, avoid costumes that are either too large or too heavy to the extent that they hinder his ability to move, defecate, drink, eat or urinate freely.

Watch Out For Signs Of Anxiety and Stress

Some dogs don’t like the elaborate and scary costumes we dress them in during Halloween. If yours isn’t a fan, don’t force it on him as this will only cause him extreme anxiety and stress. A simple bandana or collar with Halloween theme will do just fine.

Wear Reflective Costume For Increased Visibility Outdoors

Keep in mind your dog’s visibility and safety if you’re going to spend time outdoors with him during Halloween. Dress him in a bright costume alongside a reflective collar, leash or harness to improve his visibility and avoid potential accidents.

Safety Tips For Candies And Treats

Be sure to keep candies away from your dog during Halloween. This is because most artificially-sweetened candies contain a toxic substance called xylitol. Xylitol ingestion causes rapid production of insulin in dogs, which suddenly decreases their blood sugar. This condition can be fatal if not treated immediately by a veterinarian.

However, you’re allowed to give him special treats such as pureed pumpkin but do so in moderation. Pumpkins are great for dogs as they’re high in fiber, beta-carotene, vitamin C and potassium.

Decoration Safety Tips

Since dogs are naturally curious, they’ll want to investigate every new thing they see in your home during Halloween. So, keep an eye on yours to avoid causing potential accidents. For instance, many Halloween decorations such as lanterns and candles can cause potential fire hazards if your dog knocks them over by mistake, so keep them out of reach.

You can also avoid electrical shocks by keeping electrical cords far away from your pet and never leaving him unsupervised when near plugged decorations as he might be tempted to chew them.

Hopefully, with the above tips, you’ll be able to make your pet more comfortable and safe during this Halloween so that he can enjoy the day better.