5 Gifts For Dog Owners With Functional Value

5 Gifts For Dog Owners With Functional Value

There are different types of gifts you can give to dog lovers. Some are cute and visually appealing, while others are very funny. There are also those that provide practical solutions to some of the problems dog owners face.

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For instance, a dog hoodie gift will not only make a dog lover happy, but also warm during the cold winter months due to its cozy fabric. Here are more gifts like this that have functional value:

Dog Poop Bag Holders

A leisure walk with your dog can easily turn into a nightmare when he suddenly poops without a warning). What do you do if there’s no trash can close by to put the mess? Do you walk as fast as possible and pretend like it never happened hoping that someone else didn’t see you? Don’t do it if you’re planning to.
Equip yourself with a dog poop bag holder instead to take care of accidents like this, and make your walks much more pleasant. Remember to buy these holders to your dog lover friends to help them out of the same situation. Dog poop bag holders are very stylish and functional at the same time.

Custom Dog Blankets

Consider giving your best friend’s dog a soft and cozy fleece blanket to make him sleep more comfortably and better at night. Make the gift more personal by choosing everything from color to embroidery to pattern. If you can stitch a custom photo of the dog on the blanket the better. Your thoughtfulness will surely be appreciated.

Dog Beds


As you already know, dog blankets go together with dog beds. Without one or the other, your dog will not get the good night sleep that he deserves. So, if you’re gifting someone with a dog blanket, inquire if their dog has a bed. If not, buy one for them if you can afford. I’m sure your friend will eternally grateful to you for that.
The good thing about these beds is that they’re very sturdy and durable, so it’s a one-time investment. Also, they provide a secluded area where dog toys can be hidden when not in use. As if that’s not enough, they can add to the home décor when chosen carefully.

Doggy Cutting Boards

These boards are great for people who love dogs, cooking and home décor. They add the much needed canine touch to a kitchen space making it look so adorable. Besides, they come in different colors, shapes and sizes, so getting one that matches the personality and preferences of your dog lover friend should be easy.

Dog Pyjamas


If you aren’t used to dressing your dog in pyjamas, you should try it out. Of course he will look funny at first, but with time, both of you will get used to the idea. Dog pyjamas come in handy especially during winter when the weather is very cold. They’re made of warm and cozy fabric that’s guaranteed to keep your pet warm throughout the night and day. They also come in several different colors to give your canine friend the ultimate makeover. Dog pyjamas make great gifts for dog lovers.
I hope you’ve been inspired to give someone a gift today.